Plaque Care and Maintenance

The following information relates to plaques which have been ordered and purchased directly through the Eltham Cemetery Trust.

For plaques or memorials arranged through a third party, please consult directly with the supplier for care and maintenance instructions.

Due to natural conditions such as ultra violet sunlight, heat, water, chemical sprays and general weathering, the finish on a plaque will begin to breakdown and gradually patina. Regular maintenance can lengthen the high quality protective coating applied to our plaques.

We recommend dusting with a soft duster or soft cloth (microfiber or chamois) when required. If more thorough cleaning is required:

  • Clean the plaque with mild soapy water and a soft cloth (microfiber or chamois) to dislodge any dirt and debris from the surface of the plaque. Do not use hot water particularly over a ceramic photograph.
  • Rinse thoroughly, dry and buff with a soft cloth.

Never use solvents, metal cleaners, chemical cleaning agents and paints. These will damage the protective coating which has been applied during the manufacturing process.

Never use brushes and any abrasive materials such as steel wool, scourers and sandpaper.

The cleaning and maintenance of a plaque will extend the quality of the protective coating, however over an extended period of time (years), all plaques will gradually patina and loose their original finished appearance. Some people prefer the look of the aged patina however, reconditioning by the foundry may be possible and may be arranged with the Secretary, if preferred.