For regular updates on COVID-19, please refer to the Department of Health and Human Services website or freecall 1800 675 398.

20 December 2021

The Victorian Government Public Health and Wellbeing Act came into effect as of 11.59pm on Wednesday, 15 December 2021. Please continue to observe social distancing, practice good hygiene and follow public heath guidelines to help keep our community safe. 

Funeral and interment service attendance 

There is no capacity limit for a funeral or interment service, and mourners do not need to be vaccinated to attend a funeral or interment service at the Eltham Cemetery.

Those attending must register using the Service Victoria QR Code provided, including funeral directors and celebrants. All persons necessary to conduct the funeral or interment (ie. persons attending the service through their employment as an essential worker) must still be fully vaccinated or hold a valid medical exemption.

Each cemetery will have its own requirements based on their facilities and the services they offer - you should check the cemetery's website or with the funeral director the requirements for any cemetery you may be attending for a funeral service. 

When on the grounds, please ensure you comply with any instructions provided by cemetery staff and funeral directors. 

Visiting a memorial or gravesite

There are no restrictions on reasons to travel, and you may travel from anywhere to visit the Eltham Cemetery.  

Social gatherings and exercise

Social gatherings within the cemetery (as a public space) for purposes other than a funeral or interment service have no caps or restrictions.  If you are visiting the cemetery for social or exercise purposes please remember to be respectful of the space and those visiting loved ones.

Use of face masks and social distancing

Please comply with current face mask and social distancing directives during your time at the cemetery.